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Tami Vroma and her horse Scout.

My name is Tami Vroma.  I am blessed to be able to combine my career as a Grand Rapids Real Estate agent, with what I love so much…..horses!  I live in Allendale, MI where we have a small West Michigan Hobby Farm.  We have two horses.  My husband has a Tennessee Walker gelding named Threats Midnight Bum.  That is his fancy name, but we call him Joey.  He is mostly black and has a  beautiful long mane and forlock.

Scout is my boy.  No one really knows what breed he is.  Some have said definitely Missouri Fox Trotter, some have said Tennessee Walker and some have said Spotted Saddle Horse.  One thing I am sure of is that he has spots!  LOL   And I love him!

My husband and I  enjoy camping with our horses all over Michigan but once a year we take a big trip.  We have been to Tennessee, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.  Our most recent trip was Pennsylvania where we saw huge bull elk and enjoyed riding in beautiful mountains and through picturesque rivers.   It is so incredible to have a husband who shares my love of horses.

We belong to WHAM which is the Walking Horse Association of America.  In the past, we have also been members of the Ottawa County Trail Riders.  For 10 years I was a 4H  Mom and an Equestrian Team Mom.  All those groups allowed me to establish long lasting relationships that help me sell West Michigan Horse Properties and Farms.

Sellers appreciate my connections with the horse world.  Buyers appreciate my knowledge of what West Michigan Horse Properties are available.  Out of town buyers truly appreciate all the connections I can give them to the horse world.  Whether barrel racer, jumper, shower or trail rider, I can help you find the group that will help you settle in your new community.  There are other services I can also direct you to…..veterinary, farrier, equine dentistry, etc.

I can help find and sell:  Ottawa County Horse Properties, Allegan County Horse Properties, Kent County Horse Properties, Muskegon County Horse Properties and Barry County Horse Properties